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WeatherSlider Premium jQuery Weather Widget

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  • Select the weather!
    • Some weather conditions (total: 48)
    • Sunny, Clear
    • Partly Cloudy
    • Cloudy
    • Overcast
    • Fog / Mist
    • Light rain
    • Moderate or heavy rain with thunder
    • Light sleet showers
    • Light snow
    • Moderate Snow

You can try out some of the available weather conditions here.


  • Select the daytime!
    • Daytime selector
    • Day
    • Night

You can select the daytime here.


  • Select the temperature!
    • Temperature selector
    • Normal temperature
    • Low temperature ("icy")

You can select the "icy" weather (low temperature mode) here.


  • Select the wind!
    • Wind selector
    • Windy weather
    • No wind

You can select the wind here.

WeatherSlider weather showcase

We would like to show you the flexibility and usability of WeatherSlider. Select weather condition, daytime, temperature and wind and see how this amazing plugin will show the selected weather in action.

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