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WeatherSlider Premium jQuery Weather Widget

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GEOLOCATIONNew York, USAOlenegorsk, RussiaMiami, USSydney, AustraliaKinshasa, KongoTokyo, JapanBodo, NorwayZurich, Switzerland

WeatherSlider demo

This is a well configured responsive slider with geolocation and custom location search enabled. Move your mouse over the top half of the slider to show the Custom Location Search Bar. Try to move your mouse over the weather information box to get a 3 day forecast!

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Feature list WeatherSlider jQuery Plugin

  • 48 different weather types with a powerful weather API
  • Showing current weather and 3 day weather forecast Showing current weather and 3 day weather forecast
  • Beautiful CSS3 animations with jQuery fallback
  • Responsive size from 240×200 to 1300×600 pixels content, images and font size also auto resizing)
  • Multiple (unlimited) locations in one slider
  • Multiple (unlimited) sliders on your site with unique settings!
  • Custom Location Search Bar (users can type their custom location)
  • Auto-Slideshow and Auto-Refresh features (optional)
  • Updated, reliable geolocation feature
  • 12 or 24 hour time format
  • Touch Control for mobile devices
  • Keyboard navigation (optional)
  • Multi-language support
  • Supports all major browsers
  • Very Detailed documentation
  • Layered graphic elements included in .PSD format
  • Free support and future updates