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wpStickies Premium Image Tagging Plugin for WordPress

Gradient Background Top

Example 1: Spots and areas

Move your mouse pointer over the spots to see how this image tagging plugin works.
wpStickies sample Big Buck Bunny

About wpStickies

wpStickies is the smartest Premium Image Tagging Plugin for WordPress with a lot of features. You can tag your images like never before! With the permission control you can allow to your visitors also to tag images and you can accept or refuse the tags before they appear.

Important, please read this before purchase!

wpStickies is working only on static content and images, for example images in posts and pages. It doesn't work with dynamic content generated by Javascript like an opened image in Fancybox, Lightbox or images in sliders / gallery grid plugins, etc. Please make sure that you can use the plugin before you purchase it! If you are not sure about this, we can help you by checking your site.

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Example 2: Different color and sizes

You can change between light and dark layout, you can change the direction and the size of the spot bubbles.
wpStickies sample Zsolt Erőss

Example 3: Try it yourself!

Click on the image to create a spot or draw an area with your mouse and explore the possibilities of this great plugin! (Note: to keep our demo site clean, saving is disabled here.)
wpStickies sample Fruits

Feature list of wpStickies WordPress Plugin

  • Two types of stickies: spots and areas
  • Responsive layout
  • Spot bubbles with three different sizes and two colors
  • Works with static images or background-images of your WP site
  • You can use ANY HTML elements inside spot bubbles
  • Google, YouTube, Vimeo, Wikipedia and Facebook predesigned buttons
  • Detailed permission control (even your visitors can create / manage stickies if you allow them!)
  • Pending list (stickies created by users won’t be visible until you approve them!)
  • Deeply integrated into WordPress (native UI, metaboxes, custom roles, etc)
  • Highly customizable
  • Per image settings
  • Language support
  • Supports all major browsers (but for using the wpStickies admin page we recommend Chrome, Safari or Firefox)
  • Works on mobile browsers
  • Very detailed documentation
  • Free support and future updates with auto-update feature!
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