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Saying goodbye to WeatherSlider and wpStickies

On October 29, 2017, WeatherSlider and wpStickies reached their end of life and are now shut down. Please read on for more information about item support, refunds, and other important details.

Why we’re doing this

It’s not a secret that LayerSlider is our most successful product and we dedicate most of our resources to constantly add new features and improve the product on every level we can. This, unfortunately, had the side effect that we couldn’t provide the necessary attention to do the same with WeatherSlider and wpStickies.

In the past, we’ve always planned to reboot these items and we had great ideas to start with. We just waited for the right time to come, perhaps without much forethought. As much as we love WeatherSlider and wpStickies, we had to come to the conclusion that they need serious work to truly succeed in code quality and customer expectations. We understand that this is not the response you were hoping for, and it saddens us to tell you this, but we had to realize we cannot allocate the necessary amount of resources needed for these products. We need to focus our undivided attention where we really excel.

What happens now

We’re now offering WeatherSlider and wpStickies as a freebie that anyone can download from our website for free. We’re also offering refunds for those who purchased any of these products in the last 3 months. Item support will still be provided for the rest of the remaining support time you may have.

Thank you

To our WeatherSlider and wpStickies users, thank you for embracing these products — and we’re sorry. It’s not easy to say goodbye to products we love. But ultimately, we believe this move will help us create even better experiences for you in the future.

Team Kreatura